Hook to sort an array by its frecency and provide methods to update the frecency of its items.

Frecency is a measure that combines frequency and recency. The more often an item is visited, and the more recently an item is visited, the higher it will rank.


function useFrecencySorting<T>(
  data?: T[],
  options?: {
    namespace?: string;
    key?: (item: T) => string;
    sortUnvisited?: (a: T, b: T) => number;
): {
  data: T[];
  visitItem: (item: T) => Promise<void>;
  resetRanking: (item: T) => Promise<void>;


  • data is the array to sort

With a few options:

  • options.namespace is a string that can be used to namespace the frecency data (if you have multiple arrays that you want to sort in the same extension).

  • options.key is a function that should return a unique string for each item of the array to sort. By default, it will use If the items do not have an id field, this option is required.

  • options.sortUnvisited is a function to sort the items that have never been visited. By default, the order of the input will be preserved.


Returns an object with the sorted array and some methods to update the frecency of the items.

  • data is the sorted array. The order will be preserved for items that have never been visited

  • visitItem is a method to use when an item is visited/used. It will increase its frecency.

  • resetRanking is a method that can be used to reset the frecency of an item.


import { List, ActionPanel, Action, Icon } from "@raycast/api";
import { useFetch, useFrecencySorting } from "@raycast/utils";

export default function Command() {
  const { isLoading, data } = useFetch("https://api.example");
  const { data: sortedData, visitItem, resetRanking } = useFrecencySorting(data);

  return (
    <List isLoading={isLoading}>
      { => (
              <Action.OpenInBrowser url={item.url} onOpen={() => visitItem(item)} />
              <Action.CopyToClipboard title="Copy Link" content={item.url} onCopy={() => visitItem(item)} />
              <Action title="Reset Ranking" icon={Icon.ArrowCounterClockwise} onAction={() => resetRanking(item)} />

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