Icon showing the favicon of a website.

A favicon (favorite icon) is a tiny icon included along with a website, which is displayed in places like the browser's address bar, page tabs, and bookmarks menu.


function getFavicon(
  url: string | URL,
  options?: {
    fallback?: Image.Fallback;
    size?: boolean;
    mask?: Image.Mask;
): Image.ImageLike;
  • name is a string of the subject's name.

  • options.fallback is a Image.Fallback icon in case the Favicon is not found. By default, the fallback will be Icon.Link.

  • options.size is the size of the returned favicon. By default, it is 64 pixels.

  • options.mask is the size of the Image.Mask to apply to the favicon.

Returns an Image.ImageLike that can be used where Raycast expects them.


import { List } from "@raycast/api";
import { getFavicon } from "@raycast/utils";

export default function Command() {
  return (
      <List.Item icon={getFavicon("")} title="Raycast Website" />

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