Utility function designed for retrieving authorization tokens within a component. It ensures that your React components have the necessary authentication state, either through OAuth or a personal access token.

getAccessToken must be used within components that are nested inside a component wrapped with withAccessToken. Otherwise, the function will fail with an error.


function getAccessToken(): {
  token: string;
  type: "oauth" | "personal";


The function returns an object containing the following properties:

  • token: A string representing the access token.

  • type: An optional string that indicates the type of token retrieved. It can either be oauth for OAuth tokens or personal for personal access tokens.


import { Detail } from "@raycast/api";
import { authorize } from "./oauth";

function AuthorizedComponent() {
  const { token } = getAccessToken();
  return <Detail markdown={`Access token: ${token}`} />;

export default withAccessToken({ authorize })(AuthorizedComponent);

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