Getting a Google client ID

Follow these steps to get a Google client ID:

Step 1: Access Google Cloud Console

Navigate to the Google Cloud Console.

Step 2: Create a Project (if needed)

  1. Click Create Project.

  2. Provide a Project Name.

  3. Select an optional Organization.

  4. Click Create.

Step 3: Enable Required APIs

  1. Go to Enabled APIs & services.


  3. Search for and enable the required API (e.g., Google Drive API).

  1. Click on OAuth consent screen.

  2. Choose Internal or External (choose External if you intend to publish the extension in the Raycast store).

  3. Enter these details:

    • App name: Raycast (Your Extension Name)

    • User support email:

    • Logo: Paste Raycast's logo over there (Link to Raycast logo)

    • Application home page:

    • Application privacy policy link:

    • Application terms of service link:

    • Authorized domains: Click ADD DOMAIN then add

    • Developer contact:

  4. Add the necessary scopes for your app (visit the Google OAuth scopes docs if you manually need to add scopes)

  5. Add your own email as a test user and others if needed

  6. Review and go back to the dashboard

Step 5: Create an OAuth Client ID

  1. Go to Credentials, click CREATE CREDENTIALS, then OAuth client ID

  2. Choose iOS as the application type

  3. Set the Bundle ID to com.raycast.

  4. Copy your Client ID

Step 6: Use Your New Client ID 🎉

You'll need to publish the app in the OAuth consent screen so that everyone can use it (and not only test users). The process can be more or less complex depending on whether you use sensitive or restrictive scopes.

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