Review an Extension in a Pull Request

Learn how to review a contribution from a Pull Request opened by a contributor.

All updates to an extension are made through a Pull Request - if you need to review whether the Pull Request works as expected, then you can checkout the fork within a few seconds.


  1. Open a terminal window

  2. Navigate to a folder where you want the repository to land

  3. Run the below commands

There are a few things you'll need to find and insert manually in the snippet below


Open the PR and click on the incomming ref as shown below

Now click the code button and copy the HTTPS path from the dropdown


You can see the branch on the above image, in this example it's notion-quicklinks


Click the Files Changed tab and see which directy files is changed in, in this example it's notion


git clone -n --depth=1 --filter=tree:0 -b ${BRANCH} ${FORK_URL}
cd raycast-extensions
git sparse-checkout set --no-cone "extensions/${EXTENSION_NAME}"
git checkout
cd "extensions/${EXTENSION_NAME}"
npm install && npm run dev
  1. That's it, the extension should now be attached in Raycast

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