Hook which returns a stateful value, and a function to update it. It is similar to React's useState but the value will be kept between command runs.

The value needs to be JSON serializable.


function useCachedState<T>(
  key: string,
  initialState?: T,
  config?: {
    cacheNamespace?: string;
): [T, (newState: T | ((prevState: T) => T)) => void];


  • key is the unique identifier of the state. This can be used to share the state across components and/or commands (hooks using the same key will share the same state, eg. updating one will update the others).

With a few options:

  • initialState is the initial value of the state if there aren't any in the Cache yet.

  • config.cacheNamespace is a string that can be used to namespace the key.


import { List, ActionPanel, Action } from "@raycast/api";
import { useCachedState } from "@raycast/utils";

export default function Command() {
  const [showDetails, setShowDetails] = useCachedState("show-details", false);

  return (
          <Action title={showDetails ? "Hide Details" : "Show Details"} onAction={() => setShowDetails((x) => !x)} />

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