Publish an Extension

Learn how to share your extension with our community.
Before you publish your extension, take a look at how to prepare your extension for the Store. Making sure you follow the guidelines is the best way to help your extension pass the review.

Validate your extension

Open your terminal, navigate to your extension directory and run npm run build to verify your extension. The command should complete without any errors.
npm run build validates your extension for distribution without publishing it to the store. Read more about it here.

Publish your extension

To share your extension with others, you need to open a pull request in our repository. For this, fork our repository, add your extension to your fork, push your changes and open a pull request via the GitHub web interface into our main branch.

Alternative way

The extensions repository is big and to avoid pulling all its content, you can do a sparse checkout with the following steps. This is also useful when iterating on an existing extension.
git clone --filter=blob:none --no-checkout && cd extensions && mkdir extensions
Then add your <extension-folder> in the /extensions child folder.
git sparse-checkout set --cone extensions/<extension-folder>
git checkout main
Then push your changes.

Waiting for review

After you opened a pull request, we'll review your extension and request changes when required. Once accepted, the pull request is merged and your extension will be automatically published to the Raycast Store.
We're still figuring things out and updating our guidelines. If something is unclear, please tell us in our community.

Share your extension

Once your extension is published in the Raycast Store, you can share it with our community. Open the Manage Extensions command, search for your extension and press . to copy the link.
Manage your extensions
🚀 Now it's time to share your work! Tweet about your extension, share it with our Slack community or send it to your teammates.