User Interface
Raycast uses React for its user interface declaration and renders the supported elements to our native UI. The API comes with a set of UI components that you can use to build your extensions. Think of it as a design system. The high-level components are the following:
    List to show multiple similar items, f.e. a list of your open todos.
    Detail to present more information, f.e. the details of a GitHub pull request.
    Form to create new content, f.e. filing a bug report.
Each component can provide interaction via an ActionPanel. The panel has a list of actions where each one can be associated with a keyboard shortcut. Shortcuts allow users to use Raycast without using their mouse.
In addition to the React components, there are imperative methods such as showToast, closeMainWindow or popToRoot that can be used to trigger temporary UI changes.
Last modified 9d ago
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