This version contains an overhaul of the API surface to improve its discoverability and its usage in a code editor. The aim was to reduce the number of top-level exports to make it easier to find the ones that matter. It also aligns it with the structure of the documentation.

The previous API surface is still there, only deprecated. All of your existing extensions will continue to work. You will get helpful hints in your code editor to migrate your extension.


The methods related to the Clipboard can now be found under the Clipboard namespace.

import { Clipboard } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated copyTextToClipboard
await Clipboard.copy("text");

// deprecated clearClipboard
await Clipboard.clear();

// deprecated pasteText
await Clipboard.paste("text");


The methods and interfaces related to the Storage can now be found under the LocalStorage namespace.

import { LocalStorage } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated allLocalStorageItems
const items = await LocalStorage.allItems();

// deprecated getLocalStorageItem
const item = await LocalStorage.getItem("key");

// deprecated setLocalStorageItem
await LocalStorage.setItem("key", "value");

// deprecated removeLocalStorageItem
await LocalStorage.removeItem("key");

// deprecated clearLocalStorage
await LocalStorage.clear();

// we didn't expect you to use the Storage interfaces
// but they are now also under LocalStorage

// deprecated LocalStorageValue

// deprecated LocalStorageValues


The main changes to the Feedback methods are related to the Toast:

showToast now accepts a Toast.Options object as an argument and its style will default to Toast.Style.Success.

import { showToast, Toast } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated new Toast()
const toast = await showToast({ title: "Toast title" }); // Success by default

// deprecated showToast(ToastStyle.Failure, 'Toast title')
await showToast({ title: "Toast title", style: Toast.Style.Failure });

The interfaces and enumerations of both the Toast and Alert can now be found under their respective namespaces.

import { Alert, Toast } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated ToastOptions

// deprecated ToastActionOptions

// deprecated ToastStyle

// deprecated AlertOptions

// deprecated AlertActionOptions

// deprecated AlertActionStyle


The interfaces related to the Keyboard can now be found under the Keyboard namespace.

import { Keyboard } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated KeyboardShortcut

// deprecated KeyModifier

// deprecated KeyEquivalent


We are deprecating the preferences constant because we found it to be error-prone. Instead, you should always use getPreferenceValues() which allows for a type-safe access with fallback to the defaults.

User Interface

There are two important changes related to the React components:

  • ActionPanel.Item has been renamed to Action. All the specific actions are now nested under Action. This will make it easier to introduce and teach the concept of Action.

  • All the props interfaces are now accessible under their respective components

import { Action, List } from '@raycast/api'

// deprecated ActionPanel.Item
<Action title="Action title" onAction={() => {}}>

// deprecated CopyToClipboardAction
<Action.CopyToClipboard content="text">

// deprecated ListProps


The interfaces related to the Color can now be found under the Color namespace.

import { Color } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated DynamicColor

// deprecated ColorLike


The interfaces and enumerations related to the Image can now be found under the Image namespace. Icon is still a top-level export.

import { Image } from "@raycast/api";

// deprecated ImageLike

// deprecated ImageSource

// deprecated ImageMask


  • We are deprecating the randomId utility. It wasn't related to Raycast. Instead, you can use the nanoid dependency.

  • We are deprecating the useId hook. It was used internally but there shouldn't be a use-case for it in your extensions.

  • We are deprecating the useActionPanel hook. Use the ActionPanel component instead.

  • We are deprecating the render method. You should export default your root component instead.

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