Create Your First Extension

Learn how to build your first extension and use it in Raycast.

Create a new extension

Open the Create Extension command, name your extension "Hello World" and select the "Detail" template. Pick a parent folder in the Location field and press to continue.

To create a private extension, select your organization in the first dropdown. You need to be logged in and part of an organization to see the dropdown. Learn more about Raycast for Teams here.

Next, you'll need to follow the on-screen instructions to build the extension.

Build the extension

Open your terminal, navigate to your extension directory and run npm install && npm run dev. Open Raycast, and you'll notice your extension at the top of the root search. Press to open it.

Develop your extension

To make changes to your extension, open the ./src/index.tsx file in your extension directory, change the markdown text and save it. Then, open your command in Raycast again and see your changes.

npm run dev starts the extension in development mode with hot reloading, error reporting and more.

Use your extension

Now, you can press C in your terminal to stop npm run dev. The extension stays in Raycast, and you can find its commands in the root when searching for the extension name "Hello World" or the command name "Render Markdown".

🎉 Congratulations! You built your first extension. Off to many more.

Don't forget to run npm run dev again when you want to change something in your extension.

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