Start building your perfect tools with the Raycast API.
Welcome, developers! Our docs cover guides, examples, references and more to help you build extensions and share them with our community.
The Raycast Platform consists of two parts:
  • API: This allows developers to build rich extensions with React, Node.js and TypeScript. The docs explain how to use the API to build top-notch experiences.
  • Store: This lets developers share their extensions with all Raycast users. You'll learn how to publish your extension.
The Raycast platform is currently in public beta. We've stabilised it during a private alpha with our community. We'll continue to work together to nail the developer experience. Join us in our Slack workspace.

Key features

Here are a few points that make our ecosystem special:
  • Powerful and familiar tooling: Extensions are built with TypeScript, React and Node. Leverage npm's ecosystem to quickly build what you imagine.
  • No-brainer to build UI: You concentrate on the logic, we push the pixels. Use our built-in UI components to be consistent with all our extensions.
  • Collaborate with our community: Build your extension, share it with our community and get inspired by others.
  • Developer experience front and foremost: A strongly typed API, hot-reloading and modern tooling that make it a blast to work with.
  • Easy to start, flexible to scale: Start with a simple script, add a static UI or use React to go wild. Anything goes.


A quick overview about where to find what in our docs:
  • Basics: Go over this section to learn how to build extensions in our step-by-step guides.
  • Examples: Kickstart your extension by using an open source example and learn as you go.
  • Information: Get the background knowledge to master your understanding of our platform.
  • API Reference: Go into details with the API reference that includes code snippets.
Now, let's build 💪
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