The Raycast CLI allows you to build, develop and lint your extension.
The CLI is part of the @raycast/api package and is automatically installed in your extension directory during setup. To get a list of the available CLI commands, run the following command inside your extension directory:
npx ray -h


ray build creates an optimized production build of your extension for distribution. This command is used by our CI to publish your extension to the store.
You can use ray build -e dist to validate that your extension builds properly.


ray develop starts your extension in development mode. The mode includes the following:
    Extension shows up at the top of the root search for quick access
    Commands get automatically reloaded when you save your changes (you can toggle auto-reloading via Raycast Preferences > Advanced > "Auto-reload on save")
    Error overlays include detailed stack traces for faster debugging
    Log messages are displayed in the terminal
    Status indicator is visible in the navigation title of the command to signal build errors
    Imports the extension to Raycast if it wasn't before


ray lint runs ESLint for all files in the src directory.
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